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By way of example, Doull points to Dream Domain , where you can pilot an insect drone which, if you like, you can genetically mutate through a landscape of virtual rooms, each dotted with text and Webcam messages dropped by visitors. Of course, for the white male hackers who mainly visit the site, the video messages found there are, predictably, glimpses into the mirror: white male hackers smoking cigarettes, pretending to be attacked by aliens, pressing eyeballs close to the lens.

Still, as bandwidth grows and AV-equipped PCs become the rule rather than the exception, there is no question that audio and video will augment text as first-class datatypes, routinely created, exchanged, and used by everyone. At first this will mean more silly home movie-lets. Eventually, however, we'll learn how to use AV clips appropriately, to enhance business and social communication.

When we look back, we'll remember that FlashComm server helped make that vision real.

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What you build with FlashComm are applications whose interfaces are shared in real-time--or, thanks to built-in persistence, asynchronously--across networked PCs among groups of people. Presence, the killer feature of IM, is woven into the fabric. Unlike Jabber, the FlashComm experience doesn't come free.

You can try both for 30 days, but the ante's a bit steep for longer term experimentation. For certain corporate and educational customers that won't be a problem. And for users of FlashComm applications, the Flash 6 player is free and on a fast track to ubiquity. There are also more affordable hosting options offered by, for example, mediatemple. But in general, FlashComm's price tag will limit the number of developers who explore its distributed-event style of Internet programming, as will the so-far-proprietary nature of RTMP.

Other commercial and proprietary ventures are headed down similar paths. Groove's shared spaces, KnowNow's event-routing technology, and Kenamea's application network are notable examples. I regard these, and now FlashComm too, as infrastructure that complements the Web services movement.

So far, the Web services plumbing is mainly about connecting services to services, machines to machines. Evolving in parallel are new ways to connect services to people, and people to one another. Plenty of this is also happening at the grassroots level, as for example Weblog developers push the envelope with innovative hacks like TrackBack and MT-RefSearch.

I can't say whether and how FlashComm or the technology inspired by it will intersect with the grassroots Internet. I am certain, though, that the ideas it embodies will change how we think about, and create, collaborative software. So, let's explore how it works.

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The FlashComm server, available for Windows and soon, Linux and Solaris is a compact, easy-to-install engine with a Web-based administrative interface that of course uses Flash. To jump-start things, you'll want to install the FlashComm components as well. These are paired client-side and server-side objects. The client parts are movie clips sourced by Flash MX from a local components. An application's.

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In addition to the components, you'll want to download and install the Flash remoting components if you don't already have them. Without this kit, you'll get errors when you try to include "NetDebug. Here's how easy things can be using the FlashComm components. SimpleConnect combines a login widget with a wrapper that binds the user identity it creates to any of the other widgets.

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I assigned instance names to each of these, and in SimpleConnect's properties pane, I made two entries:. In each instance, I logged in as a different person, selected a color for each identity, and typed a chat message. It was a fully functional chat, with presence shown as a changing list of names in the PeopleList widget, and a persistent transcript. This is stunning leverage, on the order of what Hypercard and then Visual Basic 1.

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What's equally impressive is the transparency of the whole system. With FlashComm, both client-side and server-side components are themselves made of script, and thus fully extensible. To find out how, I decided to add a few features. First, I added a button to the application, which enables the user to clear the chat transcript. This is a feature implemented in the server part of the chat component.

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A few lines of ECMAScript empty the persistence-backed shared object that remembers the transcript on the server, then broadcasts a message to all clients telling them to empty their transient local transcripts. This article will give you a hands-on introduction to constructing a basic authentication schema for Flash Communication Server Applications.

Figure 1 is an overview of the process this technique will follow. Below the diagram is a list of the six steps.

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This action is performed using Flash Remoting MX. The Ticket and an expiry date are also stored in a table within the database. The Ticket received from ColdFusion is sent along with the request. It sends the Ticket received from the Flash Player to the server for validation. The ColdFusion Server validates the ticket, and returns a true or false response with if available the user's full name.

At this point the connection has been successfully made to the Flash Communication Server.

At no point during this process was there any insecure transmission of sensitive information. For this exercise, you will need the following components installed and operational. This article will assume that all these components are installed and running on the SAME workstation.