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The concept of [r,s,t]-colourings was introduced by A. Kemnitz and M.

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Marangio in as follows: Let. In this paper, we determine the [r,s,t]-chromatic number for join graphs S. The article analysis the problems of the product design for seniors in our country, such as the lack of eldely ergonomics research data, no concern about the changing needs and lifestyles of the elderly changes in product design, Lack of emotional and humanity design, and determine the direction of older design , toy design, assisted living products, care products and medical devices, fitness and travel goods design, and give the suggestions when design.

Simulation results indicate that the use of a 16x16 parallel structure for realizing point FFT leads to a 16 times higher processing speed compared to its counterparts employing other series techniques. The data of the relations between project communication and project performance can be collected by questionnaire. Then SPSS software was used to analysis the data. The research shows that project communication has the most significant impact on project schedule.

And different project communication factors have the different impacts on project performance. And the processing method to LFM must expand from frequency domain to time-frequency domain. The S transform ST is a time-frequency analysis method which has an adaptive window, and the width changes with frequency. Simulation results show us that the method is effective to the LFM filtering.

LZ77 algorithm uses limited window to find matches in previous text. It must perform string matching with previous cache for each location of sliding window, the process time of which will increase. Based on analysis of LZ77 dictionary compression algorithm as well as advantages and disadvantages of BP neural network, a novel dictionary compression algorithm BP-LZ77 optimized by BP network was presented. The performance of BP-LZ77 algorithm is greatly improved while inherits time advantages of LZ77 compression algorithm. The combination reason of LZ77 and BP network was given.

Computation and analysis verify feasibility and practicality of BP-LZ According to the requirement of FH communication in AN, some definitions are put forward, the frequency similarity, the sequence similarity, as well as the general similarity, and then the similarity matrix of available FH sequences is constructed. The method of hierarchy clustering analysis HCA is introduced to mine the clustering structure of FH sequences in characteristic space.

Based on the principle that the similarity of suitable FH sequences used in different networks should be the least, the optimized sequences can be designated from different clusters finally. Constructing the demographic risk early-warning indicator system DREWIS is an important link of Monitoring demographic risk and optimizing the demographic policy. Thus it puts forward the determination of the weights of indicators through the expert consultation and the analytic hierarchy process AHP and the cluster analytic method, makes dimensionless transformation through the maximum and minimum law, and constructs the demographic risk comprehensive evaluation models and risk rating standard.

Based on this, the article comprehensively evaluates the risk situations of the Chinese demographic in recent 10 years. In this paper, a novel sparse recovery method is proposed for direction of arrival DOA estimation on the assumption that source signals are uncorrelated and the number of snapshots is enough. We demonstrate in this paper how to solve DOA estimation problem with multiple measurement vectors MMV from the perspective of the correlation rather than from the view of data which appears in almost all sparse signal recovery methods. By using this method we remove the effect of noise and attain both DOA estimation and signal power.

Theoretical analysis and experimental results demonstrated that our approach has a number of advantages compared other source localization schemes, including increased resolution, lower bias and variance, unknowing the number of sources, better performance in low SNR, decreased computational complexity. With the network-induced time-delay in Networked Control Systems NCS the performance of, control systems degrades even destabilizes.

Also in practice the states of some systems are unmeasured. In this paper two state observers are designed to estimate the states and when data packet losses the state observers can compensate it. Then exponential stability theory is used to analyze the stability of the close loop system and the method of how to calculate the control parameter,is given. At last a motor is used to simulate. This study proposes the optimization design to improve the integrity of the voltage signals of a conventional differential-mode structure.

In this paper, we employ the electronic packages simulation software SPEED to perform an analysis of signal integrity. Simulation results show that the enhanced differential-mode transmission lines have less EMI than the conventional differential-mode lines at both of the near-end and far-end voltages. Accordingly, this study provides an enhanced signal method by increasing the number of transmission lines that can efficiently diminish EMI of the conventional differential-mode transmission lines and further increase signal integrity.

The methods of coordinate transformations in the same satellite navigation system and among different satellite navigation systems were summarized. The former includes a transformation between Cartesian coordinate and geodetic coordinate in Earth-Centered Earth-Fixed ECEF coordinate system, transformations among Cartesian coordinates with common point of origin, and a transformation between ECEF Cartesian coordinate system and local geographical coordinate system with uncommon point of origin.

For the latter, seven-parameters Bursa model which is one of the most commonly used transformation methods was introduced. Finally, the transformation process of common coordinate systems in satellite navigation systems was concluded so that the data of satellite navigation and communication system could be processed conveniently.

In this paper, combining with experiences of field verification of mining rights in Shanxi province, To the having-drawed graphics, the graphic visual comparison, coordinate difference value comparison method and area comparison were used to compare and analysis, verified the mining right boundary, checked whether the ore bounded inflection point coordinates measurement and the provisions of the state coordinates were conformed, and evaluated these methods. Based on the fuzzy concept with service quality evaluation of the digital library, considering its fuzzy nature, multi-level, and many indexes, the paper uses AHP to identify weights, and uses fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to develop a set of digital library service quality evaluation model.

Bayesian model averaging BMA provides a coherent mechanism for accounting for this model uncertainty. First, we construct the initial model set using the regularization path, whose inherent piecewise linearity makes the construction easy and effective. Finally, we carry out the BMA on the selected models.

Experimental results show that BMA has significant advantage over the model selection method based on Bayesian information criterion BIC.

Breaking New Ground in Theory and Practice

The algorithm is used for investigating the plastic deformation behavior of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V in a multi-hole extrusion process. Results of the simulation indicate that these two angles were significantly less than 0. Decision-making model of BCM takes advantage of changes to improve competitiveness by interaction between members of BCM in dynamic environment.

Description of decision-making model of BCM involves three elements: property of agents, changes in environment and rights and obligations of agents. Decision-making model of BCM consists of four parts: analysis and description of dynamic environment, BCM capability measurement and assessment, BCM strategy and hierarchical structure of decision-making.

This paper studies the development and application of electric vehicle EV at home and abroad.

Advances In Management

Through the research of the application and energy supply of EV, analysis and summary the two viable energy supply modes in current technical situation. One model is the vehicle charge; other is the quick-replacement battery mode, also known as electric changing mode. Both modes of energy supply were compared and analyzed. The technology of vehicle charging mode is achieved with lower degree of difficulty and its application is relatively easy in the early development stages of EV, but requires large-scale construction of charging pillars.

When EV becomes more popular, it has greater pressure on the grid and would not be conducive to battery protection. Electric changing mode can quickly replace the battery, so that to provide EV users with the convenience and make the energy supplies for EV as easy as refueling. But it is difficult to achieve a unified standard technical and the cost for electric changing equipment is larger. The reference observations of future EV electric changing equipment are made in the summary. The emergence and diffusion of the Internet motivates the firm to change and take the Internet as a kind of marketing channel.

First, the paper reviews the relevant literatures of marketing channel structure and transaction cost theory; second, the paper summarizes the possible determinants such as transaction cost and their effective condition; last, the paper proposes a synthesized framework and eight propositions. An efficient system designing method for endowing the diluted symmetric discrete-time Hopfield networks with retrieval properties is proposed based on the matrix decomposition and connection elimination method.

This method can be applied in the design of large-scale neural networks, this greatly reduces the cost of neural circuit design. Intrusion detection is a mean of proactive network security defense,which can enhance network security by analyzing the data stream on the network to identify potential threat of invasion. In the intrusion detection system, the detection engine is the core part. Although the BM algorithm based on the traditional pattern matching has its advantages, it does not take into account the matched suffix and the adjacent relationships between the current characters leading to the match fails, which results in its low efficiency.

This paper will make some improvements to the BM algorithm, so that these can improve the detection accuracy and system performance by reducing the amount of calculation in detection process. This paper extends our early study on discrete events system formulations of DNA hybridization, and focuses discussions on gene mutation in Molecular Biology.

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Finite state machine FSM theory is extensively applied to express the key concepts and analyze the processes related to the biological phenomena mentioned above. The goal is to mathematically represent and interpret metabolism and the effects to structures of protein macro molecule caused by gene mutation. We hope the proposed model will provide a foothold for introducing the systems science and the control theory tools in Molecular Biology. The establishment of solar thermal utilization information system is still in the exploratory phase and the data of solar engineering was not taken sufficient use.

The graphical user interface of the information system was based on MapObject component technology of GIS. The fusion of spatial data and attribute data was completed by ArcSDE. This method to design the solar thermal utilization information system is effective to apply computer technology, database technology, GIS technology and scientific theories of solar thermal utilization into solar energy engineering, and it has certain practical significance.

The lip contour extraction is widely used in facial expression classification, lip recognition, fatigue driving test and so on. Its research and development not only has great theoretical significance, but also has wide application prospect and practical significance. In this paper, we study the lip contour extraction problem in face recognition. According the practical difficulties in traditional lips contour extraction method, we propose two improved level set methods based on Fisher transformation and semi-supervised learning algorithm for lip contour extraction. Experiment results prove the effectiveness of this method.

Considering the characters of Cognitive Radio Networks CRNs , a new authentication protocol is proposed in this paper. Its security is based on the algorithmically unsolvable result of the large integer factorization problem. The public key encryption and signature are adopted to guarantee security of the transmission message.

The entity authentication protocol based on public-key is analyzed in detail in this paper and shows its ability to prevent the network from Non-repudiation, Replay Attack, Interleaving Attack and Man-in-the-middle Attack. Data were collected in mainland China and a total of valid data were obtained. It has been found that internship, practiced-oriented education, and field trip were regarded as the most important experiential learning.

A great gap was found between the expectation and performance of internship. The control for nonlinear systems, especially for nonlinear MIMO industrial processes, is an important solution of intelligent control. Robustness of a nonlinear control system is an expected target for most designers. In this paper, a method of robust intelligent control for nonlinear systems is discussed. The scheme is built through some robust intelligent model. On the other hand, the control is concerned to an immune model with self-updating.

Embedded systems are the most popular computer application systems. With the larger market, education of embedded systems is becoming a hot point in universities. Since the newest documents for embedded systems, such as papers, reports and data sheets, are mostly issued in English, some graduated students feel difficulty to collect new information for updating their knowledge.

It is because their native language and course books are not in English. In order to improve their professional English in study and applications, a new way, bilingual education, is developing in some countries. Books Advance Vol 2

This paper focuses on the organization, objects, and contents of bilingual education for courses of embedded systems. In the manufacturing industry, each enterprise will encounter in the negative inventory balances problem in the warehouse management. The problems of negative inventory balances management, has become the bottleneck of processing flexibility of storage services. Allowing negative balances, it will facilitate delivery of cargo from storage rather than management.

Does not allowing negative balances, it will facilitate management rather than delivery of cargo from storage. Aiming at this problem, this paper discusses the causes of negative inventory balances and the corresponding solutions, and we proposed some suggestions about treating the phenomenon of negative inventory balances. At present, the production processes of fructose mainly have realized automatic, such as press, lustration, but except crystallization[1].

Fructose crystallization process control operations are achieved by experienced operatives operating under the personal skills and experience fructose, reducing the product yield and quality. Therefore, the crystallization process has became the decisive process of fructose production processes, the quality of work results process directly determines the quantity and quality of fructose, which also determines the sugar industry in economic benefits.

Whereby the system study how to achieve automatic control of fructose crystals. In this paper, we put forward a new genetic algorithm called GA-K algorithm by putting k-medoids into the genetic algorithm, then we form a local Optimal Solution with multiple initial species group, strategy for crossover within a species group and crossover among species groups, using the mutation threshold to control mutation. The purpose of the research is scientifically and accurately determining layout scheme of traffic data acquisition system.

The paper proposes layout optimization method of traffic information data acquisition system based on linear programming using mathematical statistics and linear programming theory, and determines the value method of stationing coefficient. Accordingly layout scheme of traffic data acquisition equipment on various road sections is obtained.

The method not only can achieve accurately and quantitatively optimal layout, but also reduce the large number of acquisition equipments, save human power and material resources, and reduce the cost. The research leads to the further development and improvement of intelligent transportation system used on national road and provincial road. In this paper, the multiple signal classification MUSIC algorithm was applied to the efficient scenario-based training database construction method for the inverse synthetic aperture radar ISAR image and the performance was compared with the conventional range-Doppler RD ISAR algorithm.

MUSIC was more efficient especially when the bandwidth was narrow. This paper mainly studies the problems of the formulation of dynamical systems with the parameter uncertainties. The uncertainties in the inertial term of a dynamical system are studied and dealt with since they are necessary but troublesome in applications. These uncertainties can be treated with an inverse transfer function in a block diagram. These problems can be formulated as the general linear fractional transformation which is regarded as the standard problem.

The proposed technology can be easily extended to other standard control problems such as the robust 2-parameter compensator problems. An example of an inverse pendulum is also presented by this proposed technology. Regarding to the problem that existing temperature control system with low precision, bad adaptability and complex operation, this paper proposed one kind of wireless network temperature control system based on the ARM Advanced RISC Machines platform.

This system adopted embedded Linux2. The test results showed that the system has the advantages of high sensitivity, good stability, easy to maintain and manage, has a very good application prospect. As a supplementary for traditional tourism, virtual tourism is more and more welcomed by netizens. Virtual tourism created an economical, unlimited and safe tourism environment. But as a way that combines the physical building and the mental relaxing together, traditional tourism is still irreplaceable. The virtual tourism interactive products research mainly spots at the new interactive interfaces, which could benefit from the advantages of both virtual tourism and traditional tourism.

So with the new kind interfaces, we can enjoy physical exercises and virtual tourism at the same time. It mainly describes how to easily realize a piece of new equipment needed in the communication-related simulation experiments on the open web-based virtual lab OWVLab. This lab supports users to do circuit simulation experiments via the Internet, and we expand the range of experiments to communication-related area by using the visual circuit editor. Through building the circuit diagram of a certain equipment to simulate its function and packaging the circuit as a piece of new equipment, we have implemented much communication-related equipment by calculating the circuit.

And users can log in the platform using the visual circuit editor to customize equipment. Therefore, users can easily expand the equipment libraries for communication-related experiments. Emerging dynamic design techniques for mechanical and structural systems. Advances in modelling, system identification and parameter estimation. Current Issue Volume 44 Issue 10 October Contact Site index. Toggle navigation Indian Academy of Sciences.

Bhattacharya and J. Nayak and B. Simha, Satish V. Kailas and T. Roy, C. Narahari and N. Sastry and M. Kundra and B. Raol and Naresh K.