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With beautiful illustrations, the book provides a comprehensive survey of the more commonly grown orchid genera and an overview of orchid taxonomy and classification. Fine in Fine dust jacket. Overall, a clean and tight copy to add to a collection or read and enjoy. Fine Book in Fine Dust Jacket. Price Intact. The full text of this article hosted at iucr. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username.

Free Access. Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation. Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Ryes, E. Scape — a leafless and flowerless lower part of an inflorescence.

Sectile — the conditions in which soft, granular pollinia are subdivided into small packets, which are usually connected by elastic threads. Sepals — in orchids three segments of the outer whorl of perianth calyx. Septum — a partition, like in the spur or sac in many species of subtribe Aeridinae. Serrate — saw-like; toothed along the margin, with the sharp, regular teeth pointing forward. Serrulate — saw-like; toothed along the margin with minute, sharp, regular forward-pointing teeth.

Sheath — a leaf-like structure which enfolds a stem, pseudobulb, or young inflorescence.

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Spike — an unbranched inflorescence with sessile or subsessile flowers maturing from the bottom upwards. Spur — a slender, tubular or sac-like often nectar-containing projection commonly formed by the base of the lip. Stamen — the male reproductive organ of a flower, consisting of an anther and filament.

Staminode staminodium — a sterile stamen, often modified in shape and size. Stelidium pl. Stigma — the portion of the pistil which is receptive to pollen. Stigmatophore — an elongated process on either side of the base of the column bearing lateral stigmatic lobe. Stipe tegula — a non viscid band or strap of columnar tissue which connects the pollinia to the viscidium. Style — the slender part of the pistil which connects the ovary with the stigma; forms a part of the column.

Sympodial growth — growth in which each new shoot is determinate and terminates in one season with terminal or lateral inflorescence. Synanthous — an inflorescence when pseudobulb, leaf and apical inflorescence are produced together. Synsepal synsepalum — a compound organ formed by the union of two lateral sepals, like in species of Paphiopedilum. Terrestrial — ground dwelling plants, usually with creeping rhizome, ground pseudobulbs or subterranean tuber root-stem tuberoids. Tuberoid root-stem tuberoid — a thickened, more or less modified tuber-like root with a bud and some anatomical stem structures at the base.

Umbo — a small blunt or rounded protuberance, as on the ventral surface of staminode in some species of Paphiopedilum. Velamen — one or more layers of hygroscopic spongy dead cells on the outside of a root. Ventral — refers to the front or inward surface of an organ in relation to the axis; see adaxial. Viscidiophore — an elongated prolongation of the base of theca anther canal and rostellum side lobes bearing at the apex viscidium.

Viscidium pl. Whorl — a circle of three or more leaves or leaf-like organs attached at the same level on a stem. We cordially thank authorities of the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources of the Academy of Science and Technology of Vietnam and Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences for comprehensive help in organizations of all our investigations. Field studies in Vietnam , the results of which are presented in this paper, were funded by grants from the next organizations:.

Henry Luce Foundation.

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Vietnam Botanical Conservation Program in Vietnam. American Orchid Society. WWF Indochina Programme. Author cordially thanks Ms.

Averyanova and Ms. Maisak, who were very helpful in preparation of line drawings, as well as thanks Prof. Phan Ke Loc for photographs used in Fig. Koopowiz for photograph used in Fig.

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Apostasioideae Reichenb. Cypripedioideae Lindl. Paphiopedilum Pfitz. Spiranthoideae Dressler Trib. Cranichideae Endlicher Subtrib. Spiranthinae Lindl. Spiranthes L. Orchidoideae Trib. Diurideae Endlicher Subtrib. Acianthinae Schlechter Corybas Salisb. Cryptostylidinae Schlechter Cryptostylis R. Orchideae Subtrib. Orchidinae Amitostigma Schlechter, Brachycorythis Lindl. Habenariinae Bentham Diplomeris D.

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Epidendroideae Lindl. Group of primitive tribes Trib. Neottieae Lindl. Aphyllorchis Blume, Epipactis Sw. Vanilleae Blume Subtrib. Vanillinae Lindl. Vanilla Sw. Lecanorchidinae Dressler Lecanorchis Blume Trib. Gastrodieae Lindl. Gastrodiinae Lindl. Epipogiinae Schlechter Epipogium R.

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Nervilieae Dressler Nervilia Gaudich. Epidendroid group Trib. Arethuseae Lindl. Arundinae Dressler Arundina Blume Subtrib. Malaxideae Lindl. Malaxidinae Benth. Liparis L. Oberoniinae Aver. Hippeophyllum Schlechter, Oberonia Lindl. Coelogyneae Pfitzer Subtrib. Thuniinae Schlechter Thunia Reichenb. Coelogyninae Bentham Coelogyne Lindl. Don Trib. Epidendreae Humb. Glomerinae Schlechter Agrostophyllum Blume Subtrib.

Polystachyinae Pfitzer Polystachya Hook.

The Orchids of Vietnam Illustrated Survey. Part 2

Dendrobioid group Trib. Podochileae Pfitzer Subtrib. Podochilinae Bentham et Hook. Appendicula Blume, Podochilus Blume Subtrib. Thelasiinae Schlechter Phreatia Lindl. Dendrobiinae Lindl.