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And now, suddenly, because of some joke I was in the KKK? April sighed. You have to turn it into a sexual thing, a challenge to your manhood. Sorry to complicate your little fantasies, sweetheart, but I believe in sex within marriage. Look at those cheeks. The boy could single-handedly kill the cumulative buzz of the entire population of Jamaica on a Saturday night. He was trying to seem like a happy, drunken party boy and it was pitiful to see.

But too many dashes! So what! Trent, was laying all kinds of stuff off on me, and I was feeling edgy. Trent was into some strange stuff, but why drag me into it? I was trying to sneak past Ka Anor. Starting a revolution was not the top thing on my priority list. Besides, like I was hot to join these losers? It was insulting.

Fear the Fantastic

How do you not risk death to save the one who saved you? How do you not die trying? How do you still think of yourself as a man? I was a useless piece of crap of a human being. Losers like Trent and Keith thought I belonged with them, and Jesus, maybe they were right. Ganymede had saved me. No forgiveness for this. No forgiveness.

My insides had spilled out onto the sidewalk with the Chinese food. I was hollowed out. What was I? What was Christopher Hitchcock? Fear and hatred and lust and jealousy. What was I, to live? The plastic shape of the bike seat was torn. No, cut. Cut in the shape of a swastika. And beneath the swastika, a small letter K. I started drinking then and there in the real world, and continued when I crossed back over.

It seemed kind of funny, you know. The first-ever two-universe binge. Both of me were drinking. It was easier in Everworld, of course, with Dionysus always ready to pour. So hot the booze went straight from throat to sweat glands. I was in a fog. A bi-universal fog of self-pity. No, booze will take the edge off guilt, take the sting out of shame. But it waters the self-pity, grows it nice and strong. We know, you and me. Only, he saved my life. But it was true, too. Sucked air through a clenched throat. My life. One life. Screw him. Not making any sense.

Making an ass of myself. Being a fool. April knows that. Some folks find religion. Some folks join A. I meet a big gay Trojan. Go figure that out. May 06, Julie rated it liked it Shelves: mythology-revisions , rereads , applegrant. And this is not a friendly or safe world; handsome Galahad getting incinerated earlier also proved that.

They're both incidental, awful casualties of Everworld, much to Christopher and April's distress. Or any of their newfound Viking friends dying on the Aztec shores, or I could go on. Everworld kills indiscriminately. And the entire group points out how Christopher's basically ticking all the boxes in -ism bingo is accurate, and Christopher's "It was just a joke, don't they have a sense of humour? In other words, despite and probably because of his flaws, I really like Christopher and think he's a fascinating character. His second POV book digs further into his characterisation.

In all the previous books, his tendency to say yes to alcohol seemed like the usual juvenile acting-out, wanting to cut loose and drink simply because he can in Everworld -- but in this book, we start realising how ugly his home life is, his parents' probable alcoholism, and the bad habits that he's picked up from them. He drinks excessively to cope, both with the terror of Everworld and with his own personal failings.

You start to understand his escape into dark comedy a bit better; he's escapist at his core, and just wants to get away from his problems by any means necessary. A new subplot also emerges back home in the 'real' world, with Neo-Nazis at his new workplace targeting him for recruitment -- Christopher's discomfort with them, and his shame about the experience when he's around Jalil, his anxieties about Why did they pick me? Also, even though this book was back to being a bit more directionless "get through Hetwan territory safely" isn't very concrete as a goal , I was still fine with it, because the group teaming up with a pair of benign immortals is great : a good break from the menacing gods of books past, and prime fodder for some comedy.

The Hetwan worldbuilding is also great; you get the feeling of KAA being back in her element of describing alien lifeforms and planets, a bit of science fiction edging into a series that is so wholly fantasy otherwise. We finally get to see him! Good on this series for saving that payoff for six books in, too. I raised this matter calmly with David. Oh, my God! Look up there. Oh, man. You know what those are? Those are freaking Hetwan. They're flying, man, there must be hundreds of them. Just for you. But you have to do the rhythmic clapping I clapped. And thus we walked through Ka Anor's forest, carrying a bit of sweet familiarity with us to comfort us amid the weirdness.

Unfortunately, the comforting part ended on the second reprise, when the trees clapped. So he changed himself into a great eagle and flew down from Olympus to become my lover. April shushed me. I said, "April, don't start in with me, okay? Someone had to ask. And now he sounded a little peeved. But you would think Heracles was his only child. Every time I speak with mortals it's much the same: 'Do you know Heracles?

What's he like? Is he really that strong? But he Now, he is a god. He was too drunk to pull it off. He set down his cup and laboriously twisted his pudgy fingers together. We left, didn't we? We came to Everworld. How can you expect people to worship a god they can't see from time to time?

Like once we got there it'd be all fresh-baked muffins and hot chocolate. But you just can't ignore a five-hundred-foot drop. You just can't. You just cannot stop asking yourself intelligent questions like, "If he drops me, will I scream all the way down? Won't I have to breathe like six times and so start screaming six different times? And damned if the crazy boy wasn't heading back toward the Hetwan.

April yelled, "David, are you insane? They'll tell everyone who we are. What we've done. They have to die. David whipping out his sword while hanging in the tentacles of a big red bug and playing Snoopy and the Red Baron with Hetwan high above a landscape that made the inside of a whirring garbage disposal look comfy.

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The boy is crazy. The boy is Senna's tool. The boy is a humorless jerk a lot of the time. But the boy has radioactive, titanium cojones. View 1 comment. Apr 30, Arlenne rated it really liked it. Not super fan of the trope of slightly racist person meets a full fledged racist to show how this character could be way worse but still enjoyed this book most likely thanks to Ganymedes than anything else. It would be nice this book to be the beggining of Christopher's character growth.

Sep 01, Uli Kunkel rated it really liked it. One-liner: Read it. Jan 05, Kinsey rated it it was ok. Sep 11, Valia rated it liked it. Probably my least favourite book in the series. Confused more than ever and it was a drag to read. Aug 23, David Thomas rated it it was amazing. I love this series. The constant pop culture references are dated, since it was published in , but I can forgive that. Apr 28, Wetdryvac Wetdryvac rated it did not like it. I suspect this is intended as a, "What not to do," But the antisemitism, racism, sexism, and just plain nastiness was more than I was up for.

Mar 03, Alex rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , fantasy. This book took us away from familiar myths and into one Applegate created. Very interesting descriptions and plot points! Christopher stays pretty much the same throughout, but gets some drastic development at the end that is actually rather emotional, but good to see in him. Otherwise this book just serves to move us from one area to the next. It's good, but doesn't have as many big moments as the others.

Jun 10, Bex Montgomery rated it it was ok Shelves: aurelia-reviews , series. I flipped through it and thought the sarcastic, quick witted writing style was fabulous and brought it home.

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Granted, there are 5 books in the series before this one and I'm literally jumping in the middle but this was a hard one for me to finish. The whole experience felt like this: Make some snarky, wise-assed comments, run from the alien bug race, fall asleep so you can work in a copy store in the real world, run from the alien bug race.

More snarkiness. More running. Even more running. Meet some Olympian gods. Kill a few alien bugs. Run some more. A couple twists. Keep running. Arrive safe at Olympus. The pacing seemed off somehow. You never really had a spot to catch your breath, let it sink in. Get to know the environment. Decide to enjoy it or not. Most of the characters were so under-developed that I wanted to scream. I think one of the group of four teenagers might have had one line in the entire book. And this is book six? There is no relationship between these people yet?

Other than pure survival. I didn't get the feeling a single one of them would risk their lives for any of the others. And not just because they were know-it-all, too cool teens They weren't written that way. The fact that the narrator even mentions near the end of the book that he has no idea what is going on between some of the other characters. Six books full of running and fighting with these guys and it never came up? Never thought to have a real conversation with any of them. The book just tries so hard to be cool that it falls flat.

Nothing really surprised me, and I had a hard time investing in the characters and whether the damn alien bugs got them or not. The aliens don't speak so they don't really come across as characters in the books as much as weapons. A flying mass of apathetic weapons Well that and the author needed a catalyst and this was the best she could do. Maybe I'm biased. I'm an adult female and the books are probably aimed much more at 14 year old boys.

But I have to think that even 14 year old boys need something more from their fiction than cool alien bugs and lots of running away! The end of the book was it's only saving grace. Here, finally our main character gets to deal with some real emotion. Guilt and regret and pain and we see him as three dimensional for the first time.

I was sad we didn't get to see some of that dimension earlier on and with more of the characters that just seem to be superfluous. It's possible that set-up will carry through to the next book. That we'll jump right in with a pained, developed character. But it's going to take some heavy convincing to get me to go for book 7 as a read. Jul 30, Matt rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , ya-books , queer-characters , characters-of-color , queerphobic-tropes , 1-torereads. I'm a bit conflicted about Christopher. He acts and makes jokes that are in turn racist, sexist, homophobic and--from the narrative, although I have to say I didn't spot them--antisemitic.

He complains about everything all the time, doesn't want to pull his part of the weight and is generally a pain most of the time but. Despite all this, it's impossible to write him off as a complete jerk. I mean don't gen me wrong, his narration now much, much more representative of his personality than Ehhh I mean don't gen me wrong, his narration now much, much more representative of his personality than it was in his first book pisses me off greatly because of the afforementioned offensive behaviors and comments tho to be fair, compared to other homophobic character he stays in the realm of the bearable, I gues.

Everworld series

What I liked in this book--what I really appreciate about Christopher's charater--is that despite all of his prejudice, Christopher still has enough common sense and decency to stay away from the real nutcases aka: his real-world boss, who is part of the KKK and to recognize the debt he contracted. The entire portion with Ganymede, while I don't appreciate the homophobia or, you know, the fact that Ganymede died bc Burying your gays is not the way to go was satisfying, in that Christopher keeps what matters in mind. When Ganymede saves his life there's no 'don't touch me', no pretense that nothing happened.

And when Ganymede die, Christopher mourns him and I appreciate that. All of that being said, and despite the fact that this arc--especially the shift from "I don't care, I wanna go home" to "I'll stay in Everworld until I can repay my debt"--was emotionally satisfying, I'm still bummed that the narrative had to veer into queerphobic territory.

Nevertheless, the setup for the bigger battle is really well brought-on, the foreshadowing efficient and subtle It really works pretty well and I'm almost tempted to round the 3. I'm glad I have the next book at hand! Jan 17, Brittney Rz. After reading this book I don't remember much from my first few readings of it. I remember the fact they go through Ka Anor's place but that was about it and I can see why it didn't stick with me as much.

Not too much happened in this book, it was more a set up for what is coming up and for Christopher's character beginning to change.

I remember from my first reading that Christopher is a character that goes through some serious change throughout the stories. I remember him having the biggest cha After reading this book I don't remember much from my first few readings of it. I remember him having the biggest character development and you begin to see it in this book. He is a person who just wants to make jokes, watch TV and not care about anything or anyone. In this book you see him dealing with some pretty big issues.

We see him having crisis of conscious. You see him feeling guilty and not knowing what to do about it and we see him struggling to come to terms with the person he is and the person others see him as. I think the best part of this book was Christopher and this change. We meet some of the Greek gods in this one and we start moving into that story line. We get an idea of what Ka Anor's set up is and we see the danger he poses.

Though I tend to forget how much of a true threat he is. I think this is getting to the point where I remember less about these stories from my previous readings. Sep 22, Amy Laurens rated it really liked it. Applegate also authored the Animorph series, which I quite enjoyed in highschool, and this has a similar flavour: lots of action, snarky first person MC, shiny, shiny world building, and a few clever plot ideas.

This book picks up midway through the series, and while I hadn't read any of the previous ones, it was easy enough to figure out what was going on. MC Chris and friends are stuck in Everworld, the world where the gods are real, and creatures from fairytales can be friends - or nightmares.

Only, they're still in the real world too, trapped by a twist of fate that occurred in an earlier installment. Kinda cool, because when they fall asleep in Everworld they slip back into their Earth lives, and sometimes things can get interesting. The main objective in this book, the series of which essentially comprises one massive quest, is to cross the Hetwan country.

This they do, with much trickery and excitement along the way. Fun enough that I'll be keeping an eye out in second hand stores since I assume it's out of print for the next book, since I have the one after that in my possession also. Aug 15, Julie Decker rated it liked it. Having finally made it to Ka Anor's territory after heading that way and getting intercepted regularly , Christopher, Jalil, April, and David are trapped in a forest by the disciples of Ka Anor: the Hetwan.

And two gods of Everworld--Ganymede and Dionysus--are also trapped there as condemned deities waiting to be consumed.

10 BEST Scare PRANKS Ever! (Compilation)

The kids must join these gods to escape to Olympus. Christopher, due to his own misgivings about homosexuality, is disturbed by his depth of dedication to Ganymede--though it Having finally made it to Ka Anor's territory after heading that way and getting intercepted regularly , Christopher, Jalil, April, and David are trapped in a forest by the disciples of Ka Anor: the Hetwan. Now she's missing. David and the others don't know if she's in Everworld. They don't even know if she's alive The inner cover is supposed to have a midievel theme to it.

Summary: This book has a lot to do with the Knights of the Round Table, especially Galahad, who has a chaste romance with? Probably April. Merlin you know, ye olde magic guy also shows up, as well as the evil god Loki. Along the was, the essential conflict of EW is revealed - looks like Loki wants to grab Senna to help him make his way back into the Real World to escape Ka Anor the god-eating alien , while Merlin wants to unite all the gods against the threat of Ka Anor and make Everworld a more decent place to exist in.

We think that the cover is the way it is so that we can get the full effect of Hel's deformed face. Narrator: Jalil Summary: This book is very dark and grim as if you couldn't tell by the title? Hel is Loki's daughter, and it seems like her name fit her personality perfectly. Jalil narrates this book - and it's revealed that he has a deep, dark secret, one that is exploited ruthlessly by Senna. Things have gotten way beyond weird. Since then, they've been hunted by trolls, entertained Vikings, fought in a war against Aztecs and their heart-eating god, encountered Merlin, met some strange alienlike metalsmiths, and got a chance to see their very first real, live dragon.

It's been a strange few days, to say the least.

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Their "journey" started out as a search for a friend, but things have turned dangerous. Because now April and the others are about to discover the true opposite of heaven - and it isn't a very nice place Narrator: David Summary: Picking up where EW 4 leaves off, the group must escape from Nidhoggr, a big dragon who lives near Hel's underworld kingdom. Hel, as you might recall, is the daughter of Loki and quite a large baddy herself.

Anyway, in order to escape the clutches of Nidhoggr, the group has to undertake missions for the beast. They must retrieve four great treasures stolen by the leprechauns. It's pretty much a trip to fairy land, Everworld style, with nymphs and bisected satyrs along the way. Not to mention that Jalil seems to be on his way to becoming the Bill Gates of Everworld! As you can probably tell, this book will more lighthearted in nature to balance out the extreme darkness of Realm of the Reaper. Ka Anor's body is made up entirely of insects. And his eyes are compound-fly-looking, only blueish-tealish in color.

Summary: Christopher, April, Jalil, and David thought they had faced evil before. They managed to escape the grips of Loki twice.